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Our Chemistry Dean of Faculty

Dr. Terence McIvor:
"Dr. McIvor is a Professor of Bio Physical Chemistry at Afriford University and a Professor of Chemical Education at Universidad San Juan De La Cruz (SJDLC). Dr. McIvor is teaching students at SDJLC how to problem solve and think for themselves so that they are more employable worldwide."

CEO/Director of Finance/Curriculum and Quality Enhancement. BSc (Hons) DIS Biochemistry, DIS, PGCert Educational Technology, PGCert Further and Higher Education, PG Dip in Further and Higher Education, MCA, PhD.

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Our Teachers

"I was very fortunate to attend SJDLC as a student. I had some incredible...."

I had some incredible teachers who helped me learn and grow and understand the world differently than I could on my own. I came back to San Jose because I love the energy of the students, the inter-generational community, the commitment to challenge, service and collaborative learning, and the beautiful landscape of Costa Rica. .

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Marcelo Perez Pacheco (Ph.D.)
Environmental systems and societies teacher, Agroecology Research Center (ARC) adviser, wilderness guide.

The mission is why I work at SJDLC. We are not just an international University. I feel like I am working for a more peaceful and sustainable world every day, in my small way. Peace and sustainability are not destinations or accomplishments; they are processes of learning and growth—continual self- and social-improvement. We try to engage in these processes here, and prepare our students to engage the world in these processes when they leave.

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Fernando Gonzalez Rojas
Teacher and Outdoor Programmes Coordinator

The students are kind, intelligent, motivated and fun I am constantly challenged to be a better educator. Because to inhabit and experiment with prefigurative political spaces is the only option, and education is perhaps our last bastion in a world where the commons are being eroded and the environment is being sold for profit. It is in this context that young minds from all over the world are engaging in constructive dialogue and debating the most pressing issues facing humanity - that's something.

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